A downloadable TapnBuild

TapnBuild series has been created by a single indie game developer.

* 7 different resources to gather by tapping
* 14 different tools to craft + upgrades
* 14 different machines to build + upgrades
* Endless amount of castle to build
* An unexpected guest
* Addictive and graphical way of mining ores, wood and water
* + much more to things to discover

Gather resources:
Tap on the mine mountain to gather resources, that can be mined.
Tapping on the Forest of trees gives you wood logs.
Hitting the water lake splashes water at your face and into your warehouse.
After buying more advanced tools,you are also able to gather :
stone , iron , gold and eventually diamonds.

Buy and Upgrade your Tools:
Buying more advanced tools makes gathering resources extra fast.
Some tools unlock abilities to mine harder metal that is needed for advancing.
Unlock abilities to gather more valuable metals and eventually diamonds.
* There is a chance in each Pick to yield unlocked resources *

Buy Items:
When gathering resources gets exhausting,
buy machines from the Items menu.
Each machine provides a certain amount of resource per second.
* They are idly gathering ores for you *

Build your Castle:
Building the castle is not as easy as just tap and build, tap and build...
You actually have to craft new tools and upgrade tools. To make things easier, it's also a good idea, to craft machines, since each machine provides certain amount of resources per second.
Each level of Castle built, unlocks ability to craft and upgrade more advanced tools and machines.
Building the Castle is essential part of evolving in Tap 'n' Build.

Get free resources:
Every now and then, you are able to trigger a bonus wheel. It gives you extra resources, based on your tool levels.
* It's an awesome little minigame *

Can you get all of them?
There are a number of achievements in this game. It might take some time, to get all of them, but it's mostly about the journey.

Leader board:
Let everyone know, how high your castle is. Compete with your friends and see who is the best and highest.

You might not be alone in TapnBuild :
You might not be the only one gathering resources in there. That thing might become valuable, if you are able to tap it away.
Let's just hope, they are friendly.

A word from the developer :
"I like clicker games a lot. So I made my own version of an idle clicker game."

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